Corporate Restructurings, Distressed, and Bankruptcy

Expertise: ARG Investment Bankers has advised on  distressed mergers and acquisitions or restructuring assignments.  Our professionals have substantial experience in advising distressed companies on capitalization and liquidity strategies to return to viable, profitable enterprises.  This expertise extends to both out-of-court and bankruptcy situations.  Some of the key action items we undertake include:

  • Assess our clients’ liquidity resources and cash forecasts
  • Identify financing and divestiture alternatives
  • Develop a game plan to rapidly approach operational, financing and strategic parties
  • As appropriate, assess DIP financing and other bankruptcy, reorganization and asset sale issues

Ability to Preserve Value: ARG’s objective is to create solutions for distressed companies that preserve value for stakeholders which often means staying out of bankruptcy.  We accomplish this by developing tailored capital raising or asset sale strategies that leverage the positive aspects of our clients’ business. If bankruptcy is unavoidable, we often seek pre-packaged or rapid exit strategies to ensure that value deterioration and professional fees are minimized.


  • A capital raise, asset sale or strategic merger
  • An out-of-court restructuring of debt securities
  • An in-court bankruptcy advisory for debtors, creditors or investors
  • A §363 asset sale
  • Buy-side §363 advisory